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Cultural Appropriation: Dreadlocks




Are Dreadlocks really cultural appropriation?


Here’s why:

Dreadlocks originated first with Jamaican Rastafarians and then in Indian Sages and Yogis. Specifically it was started by holy men. These men renounced all of their worldly…

Im not following ya but since Im a POC I will give my thoughts cause its been on my mind for a while.

Well, I live outside the USA so all the very in depth cultural appropriation is so hard to discuss and find a middle ground so to speak. 
I’ve been seeing alot of this about dreadlocks and since my family is Caribbean and I live in the Caribbean seeing dreadlocks as a typical hair style everywhere.

I think the term being racist cause of a hairstyle isnt the right way to “label it” I think MAYBE it more like know your privilege? Dreadlocks in African descendants is pretty important cause along with the Rastafarian religion (which is not just in Jamaica cause i don’t live there but there is Rastas here),  I’ve read its also been along with the Afro a thing against the standards of beauty.

Also i think it backed with the thing of if white/white passing people wear dreads, it kinda lost that meaning behind it? Like they can wear dreads and be praised, called pretty, free spirited etc etc, while if a POC wears it, it causes all sorts of mean things like deemed ugly, dirty, cannot get jobs, etc along with the Afro, cause well I have an Afro myself and though its praised more where I live because of its sheer size and length, but if I had to sport my Afro in the states I don’t think I will get that reaction, and so ive heard people who sport an afro instantly become a petty zoo….(thats a nooooooooooo in my books omg that is scary stuff random people wanna put their nasty hands in my clean hair nooo).

soooo I think its mostly not “being racist cause of a hairstyle” its more so, “cause your white you can get away with it”….privilege I guess, and people get mad cause alot of people dont know their privilege or choose to ignore it or happily benefit from it.

BUT at the same time may I add where I live there are salon locks as in its a natural hair style option along with other natural hair styles for black people. Locks= natural hair. Many who do it for a lifetime style. For yearrrrrs.

But as stated above other cultures that are non-poc had dreads so I dunno. Its a HARRRD topic to discuss and it kinda hits home cause well… Im black, Caribbean, virgin hair (afro) and sport synthetic dreads.

But I can say that, those who say “ITS RACIST” No no no, not racist, its more like “watch your privilege" sorta thing. 

Just my thoughts. I’m still not sure about this one with dreadlocks.

(but i think afro wigs and dread wigs with the hat thingie is soooooooo wrong and really bad)

I just now saw this response! So… Yeah.

I posted this a LONG time ago before I really got into social justice and POC issues and talking about cultural appropriation. 

But, yeah. It is a privilege sort of thing. And I totally should’ve checked mine before going all crazy and saying that it’s not racist when I don’t have the power as a white person to decide what’s racist.

Granted, I still don’t think dreads are cultural appropriation… I don’t get to decide what’s racist. However, I also agree with you. Checking your privilege as a white person you should understand that even if you’re not appropriating POC cultures, you can get away with more without the backlash.

But, I also don’t think that should be a reason to tell white people that they can’t wear their hair a certain way?

There are lots of things white people can do without backlash that POC can’t do. Does that mean that white people need to stop doing those things? No. It just means that white people need to bring more attention to the fact that they shouldn’t be able to do those things any easier than a POC. Ya feel?

Two more things: Things are always worse in the states. Racism is a huge fucking problem here. And go you for your Afro. It’s shitty that people do try to touch POC hair here. I personally can’t freaking stand it. I work in a place where lots of people come in to buy hair accessories for their daughters, and while I ALWAYS ask permission before helping someone, or someone’s child try on our accessories, I’m always SUPER careful when asking a POC because I know especially where I live that they probably get asked a zillion times by other shitty white people to have their hair touched.

so bleh. fucking… White people suck okay… And I’m real sorry.



Why does every gay person have to make something that offends straight people?


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nearly every post in the dean winchester tag is about destiel


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