Boy King

Call me Mama Samma.
I'm old, married mama.
Die hard Sam!girl. I cry a lot.
Sometimes I write things.
I really like it when Sam wears panties.


do you ever just



pros of being pansexual:

  • boys r hot
  • girls r hot
  • non-binary people are hot
  • everyone is hot
  • hot like a tater tot

cons of being pansexual:

  • why is everyone hot
  • ”are you sexually attracted to pans”
  • why is everyone hot
  • "thats not a real thing"
Things you should never say to a cashier…


  • Hurry up! No, because if you rush me, I will fuck up, unintentionally.
  • That means it’s free Actually no, it doesn’t and that joke ain’t funny.
  • I just made it this morning Still ain’t funny, dude.
  • This is ridiculous! The only thing that’s ridiculous is you using that line… again.
  • So-and-so did it last time I’m not so-and-so, am I?
  • Aren’t you going to open up another till for me? Sorry princess, no.
  • I want to speak to your manager! Is this supposed to worry me? It doesn’t, in fact I’ll gladly pass your childish ass over to them, so I can move on.
  • So-and-so store is better than yours This is just damn rude and disrespectful, you’re basically telling that person you do not like their place of work, to their face. Would you say that to any other person NOT working in retail? If you do not like said store, don’t say so to the cashier, just don’t shop there. Simple.

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